Public and Cultural

What we offer to clients

  • We use our creative minds and skillsets to study and record exactly the cause for cultures or activities/functions being the way they are.
  • We are adept OUTSIDERS but with the ability to develop an INSIDERS influence with leaders.
  • We have the ability to create a vision or opportunity to interpret, adapt or change. To open minds to a different way or to modify old tried and proven ways to a new paradigm.
  • We become totally engaged and committed. We will gain passion for the culture or purpose and find ways to interpret it and to allow it to become a contribution to the heritage of your community.


  • Urban Design
  • Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Masterplanning
  • Grant Applications

Approach to Public and Cultural Architecture

Architecture is essentially public, however Hames Sharley considers our Public and Cultural Portfolio particularly relates to an “open” architecture or shared architecture that is used by the community.

These include the built form used daily, occasionally or on a needs basis by a community as they live, work and spend their leisure time.

We believe that Public Architecture should add to the liveability and enjoyment of the City. It offers through the nature of its shared infrastructure an opportunity to be exposed to different spatial experiences. To habitat, to pause/to contemplate/to learn/to be entertained/to share, to see how people behave and relate to one another and to share some beliefs and aspirations and to become a community.

Public architecture allows citizens to record their contribution to society and the creation of a legacy.