WA Department of Planning and Urban Development and the City of Wanneroo
The Coast from Burns Beach to Jindalee, Western Australia
Urban and regional planning, environmental planning, landscape planning

This project investigated 11km of the Perth metropolitan coast between Burns Beach and Jindalee. The objective of the study was to determine the recreational potential of the coast, having regard to its environmental sustainability and the significant demands placed on it by a hinterland population of 90,000 persons, as well as the direct effects of urban development.

The study area is subject to complex and dynamic processes. Accordingly, the project called for a multi-discipline approach involving collaboration amongst planners, coastal engineers, geomorphologists, landscape planners and specialists in recreation.

A technical report documented an analysis of the biophysical environment of the study area and the likely impacts induced by human activity. A demand analysis of recreational activities was also undertaken, including that generated by the hinterland population and the broader regional catchment.

The main outcome of the study was a coastal management plan that fostered the sensible development of the coast having regard to its unique environmental qualities and the recreational opportunities afforded to the local population and regional catchment.