Finding something to give to someone who has everything is always a challenge. Finding something to give to someone with a keen and scrupulous eye for design often proves more difficult. From the imaginary to the fresh and practical, Hames Sharley has compiled this list of book and gift ideas that are sure to thrill the design-conscious.

Georg Jensen sparkling wine

​1. Local Wine. International Design

Wine not start with these stylish Georg Jensen sparkles to kick off the silly season?

Danish design house, Georg Jensen has paired with Tasmanian wine producer, Heemskerk to create a refined sparkling wine in a sleek and contemporary re-sealable bottle.

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'Fantastic Cities' colouring book by Steve McDonald

2. Colour your City

Steve McDonald’s colouring book Fantastic Cities features architectural mandalas and illustrations of real cities that will keep your creative mind young during the holidays.

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Baby one-piece by Tiny Modernism’s

3. Tiny Minds. Elaborate Designs

This gift is for architects of all ages. Tiny Modernism’s baby one-piece lets your child celebrate and acknowledge their most enduring architectural influences.

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'Growth' by Studio Ayaskan

4. A Growing Pot for a Growing Plant

Be inspired by design that adapts and allows growth. The origami-based geometry of ‘GROWTH’ expands and transforms with your plant. (Check out Studio Ayaskan’s other designs for some more stylish and innovative (but perhaps less budget-conscious) ideas).

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Adobe Ink and Slide

5. Hands-on with the Adobe Ink and Slide

The ‘Adobe Ink’ is a fine-tip, pressure-sensitive stylus that makes drawing on your iPad more natural and fluid. It comes with the ‘Adobe Slide’, a digital ruler that also lets you draw straight lines, perfect circles and classic French curves. These tools will transform even the most hands-on architect into a tech genius.

Leather rulers by Dowel Jones

​6. Architects Rule

Designed and produced in Melbourne, Victoria, this ruler by Dowel Jones is available in four sophisticated colours and made entirely from leather offcuts. While the ruler comes with a ‘natural stretch’ warning that removes a guarantee of a 100% accurate measurement, its sleek and contemporary design will not go unnoticed. A sturdier version comes with a copper backing (that may help prevent off-scale building designs).

Beauty Redeemed: Recycling Post-Industrial Landscapes by Ellen Brae

7. Ellen Brae, Beauty Redeemed: Recycling Post-Industrial Landscapes 2015

The recycling of post-industrial landscapes is ‘hot right now’ in the disciplines of both landscape and urban design. This book is a history, design theory and survey of such seminal schemes.

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‘The Tango’ towels by Kate & Kate

8. Do the Tango

Kate & Kate’s ‘The Tango’ towels are perfect for any designer that can’t quite grasp anything beyond straight lines and perfect circles. These sleek and stylish bath towels come in two ‘colour-ways’ (grey and white or black and white), and will keep you grounded in the soft sand on your summer escape.

‘Turbo Flyer’ wooden toy planes

9. Fly in Style

Dream of flying away to the decorative capitals of the world with the ‘Turbo Flyer’ Pattern Series. With the Japanese, Moorish and Greek patterns of these wooden planes on display, you can dream of an exotic and inspiring escape from your living room. Less expensive than a plane ticket and more glamorous than a paper plane, this collection can be carefully thrown in the grass or displayed anywhere in the home.

The High Line by James Corner Field Operations and Diller Scofidio & Renfro

10. James Corner Field Operations and Diller Scofidio & Renfro, The High Line 2015

This beautifully-bound account of the creative inspiration behind the New York High Line, the transformative public park in the sky, is a ‘must have’ for architects, landscape designers and urban planners.

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Chisel & Mouse handcrafted, plaster sculptures

11. Let Someone Else Do the Work

You may have missed the deadline for delivery by Christmas, but this gift will keep any design-conscious, house-proud architect entertained throughout the New Year. Chisel & Mouse will model a handcrafted, plaster sculpture of your house that will be forever cherished.

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'Architectural Graphics' by Francis D.K. Ching

12. Francis D.K. Ching, Architectural Graphics (6th Edition) 2015

The sixth edition of Ching’s Architectural Graphics is an essential guide to architectural drawing. This practical gift is sure to be enjoyed by any budding or experienced architect hoping to refine their best pen skills.

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Walala for Gormon

13. Get Dressed up this Christmas

Why not wear a building with this summer’s Gorman? London based artist Camille Walala paints bright geometrical patterns onto the sides of buildings. This summer, she collaborated with Melbourne fashion designer Lisa Gorman to create a series of clothing that embraces these recognisably Walala designs. Any outfit by this duo will keep the design-obsessed well-dressed throughout the New Year.

The Lego Architect by Tom Alphin

14. Tom Alphin, The Lego Architect 2015

This book is a history of architecture in LEGO models. Check out the recreations of Art Deco, Modernist and Contemporary buildings and then have a go at building your own. Hames Sharley have started their own design challenge with LEGO - Check out some of the creations on Instagram @Hames_Sharley

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‘Architect Plans’ chocolates

15. A Great Way to Plan Any Project

Conceal your chocolate-fix with these ‘Architect Plans’ chocolates- a tube filled with ruler, T-square, protractor and compass-shaped treats.

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Book: 'Archi-Graphic: An Infographic Look at Architecture' by Frank Jacobus

16. Frank Jacobus, Archi-Graphic: An Infographic Look at Architecture

One for the visually minded - Jacobus’ book uses a variety of inventive infographics to take an unusual look at architecture in a way that would not be possible with words or images alone.

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Cover of 'The Monocle Guide to Cosy Homes'

17. The Monocle Guide to Cosy Homes 2015

Create cosy-interiors with this “…handbook for making a home that will stand the test of time; take knocks and scuffs in its stride; and where lives can unfold, children grow up, and dogs run wild.”

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City Screen Prints by Me Him You

18. City Screen Prints With a Party Twist

Escape to cities of the world with these prints of iconic buildings and iconic cocktails. These screen-prints by me&him&you are minimal but quirky - an elegant edition to any home.

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'Wine and Space: Architectural Design for Vinoteques, Wine Bars and Shops' by Denis-Duhme, Katrin Friedrichs and Heinz-Gert Woschek

19. Denis-Duhme, Katrin Friedrichs and Heinz-Gert Woschek, Wine and Space: Architectural Design for Vinoteques, Wine Bars and Shops 2015

Drink and Design with a book that considers the space where wine is enjoyed, and its significance as crucial to the way that wine is tasted.

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Architecture Magazine Covers

​20. Stay in the Loop

Get a magazine subscription to fuel a design-mind during 2016.

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Cover of 'Perspectives: Thirty Years of Sketches by Luigi Rosselli Architect'

21. Perspectives: Thirty Years of Sketches by Luigi Rosselli Architect 2015

Get inspired by the originality and fluidity of Luigi Rosselli’s architectural concept sketches. This 150-page book is a catalogue of an exhibition that celebrated 30 years of Rosselli’s sketches, held at the Mils Gallery, Sydney in May 2015.

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4D Cityscapes

22. Explore Your City in the Fourth Dimension

4D Cityscapes are multi-layered puzzles that form a map of the city’s streets, islands, roads, railways, parks and geography. Map the city, build the buildings then take a trip through history. Cities include New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Berlin, and even more… including Sydney and Melbourne.

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The marble DOCK by Native Union

​23. Marbelous

Charge your Apple watch in style with this sold marble DOCK by Native Union. Available in white or black, DOCK is a beautiful object for the home and a versatile base for your watch.

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A gingerbread replica of Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright’s

24. And for Those With an Abundance of Time…

Have a go at re-creating this gingerbread replica of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater….

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