With Perth’s population set to explode by 2050, one of the greatest problems faced by the city’s urban planners is, quite simply, where to put everyone.

The issue of urban sprawl is already a major concern, with the city covering a stretch of about 150km even before the predicted population increase. As a result, more and more families are being pushed out from the centre, with infrastructure and services struggling to keep up.

Now more than ever, then, it’s important we consider the alternatives to building ever-outwards, and density has become a hot topic when we look to the future of Perth.

Some of Western Australia’s key thinkers and influencers recently tackled the subject in the book Drawing The Line – Deliberations on Density, released through Urban Design Forum WA. As one of the founding fathers of Australian urban design, Hames Sharley’s Executive Chairman, William Hames, was delighted to contribute to the discussion, and in his article Tall Buildings he addresses some of the perceived problems and myths about building upwards, as well as outlining six areas in which density can benefit and evolve our urban spaces. You can download the full extract by downloading the PDF below.

And, of course, you can read all of the expert opinions on the subject by picking up a copy of Drawing the Line from Boffins Bookshop in Perth, or online through Amazon.com.au.

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