Building Management and Works
Balga, Western Australia
Incorporate computer areas with general learning areas; provision of more flexible ratonalisation of activity spaces

Hames Sharley was commissioned by the Department of Education to provide full architectural services for the Balga Senior High School upgrade and refurbishment. This involved refurbishment of the Year 9 and 10 blocks to incorporate computer areas within the general learning areas and provide more flexible rationalisation of activity spaces.

The existing two-storey school facilities were modified at both levels and focused on four learning areas per block. Smaller rooms at the ground level were also upgraded to suit briefing requirements.

The existing ground floor corridors and circulation spaces were dark and gloomy areas. The design involved placing an externally covered walkway along the perimeter of the blocks that enabled the incorporation of corridor areas into computer areas. This arrangement also permitted improved natural cross ventilation to the learning areas long with enhanced daylighting.