Colonial First State
Edwardstown, South Australia
Shopping centre, 22,000m² of retail, new road development, outdoor restaurant, 700 new car parks, future development area for residential commercial and retail which will all be linked to a future new train station.

The existing shopping centre has approximately 22,000m² of retail, Stage 1 will add an additional 20,000m² of new retail and stage an additional 3,500m² for a total precinct of approximately 45,500m². The precinct is currently divided by Raglan Avenue. The street is to be closed and a new road developed around the site and linked to South Road. Raglan Avenue will become an outdoor restaurant and general eating precinct between the two stages. Stage 1 includes over 700 new basement car parks with the arrival in the middle of the mall space. The precinct has an area for future residential commercial and retail development that will all be linked to a future new train station.

Castle Plaza Shopping Centre. Retail & Town Centres