Coles Group Property Development Pty Ltd
Beeliar, West Australia
Coles supermarket; liquor store; specialty stores; tavern; fast food restaurant and other restaurant/food uses, office and petrol station.

The proposed building is to consist of the Coles Supermarket as the anchor store, with ancillary uses such as the liquor store, a 128m² café, 415m² of speciality retail and amenities sleeved along the entry elevation. The design of the proposed supermarket was kept simple, with the form relating directly to the function. The building is to serve and provide greater flexibility for a consistent architectural form across the entire site. The layout of the store was specifically considered to place the service and delivery areas to the rear of the store, thus ensuring they are sufficiently removed from the main pedestrian and activation areas to the west of the store.

The use of the entry awning ties the various elements of the supermarket complex together and assists in facilitating a legible building form. The awning provides a specific point of entry to the Coles supermarket through the provision of an arrival place and wind lobby and provides for alternative methods of façade treatment along the western elevation. This varying façade treatment allows for increased activation of the frontage, ensuring a human scale and a greater level of interaction within this vicinity.