Channel 7 and GIC
Hindmarsh, South Australia
Studios; Meeting rooms; Office space; Editing facilities; Acoustics

The Network Seven Studio is a fully functional broadcasting studio situated on one of South Australia’s most active intersections. Hames Sharley’s involvement in the new Network 7 Studio on Port Rd, Hindmarsh realised the integration of new media technologies into modern architecture. The dynamic combination of a heavy traffic environment and high-end multimedia technology required considerable caution when considering all aspects of the project including architecture and the integration of structure and services. This was to give the studio the presence of a gateway building with the acoustic and structural isolation needed for picture and sound quality of broadcasting standard.

The Network Seven Studio is an exemplar for technological resource consolidation. It breaks the old model of real-time media production as requiring vast amounts of space for efficient operations. Network Seven is a housed set of intricate systems resulting in an elegant and positive working environment.