The Perks Group
Parkside, South Australia
Individually themed spaces; Interoffice communication; Use of natural timbers, planting, small booths and couches

Since its inception in 1982, Perks Group has grown from humble beginnings to an organisation that currently employs 120 staff. Hames Sharley was able to draw upon this strong culture of entrepreneurship that saw Perks grow into the company that it is today. The design concept aimed to create a variety of experiences within the workplace, and draw upon the idea of a ‘home away from home’.

Key design features include individually themed spaces such as multiple kitchen experiences that have been planned to encourage inter-office communication. Natural timbers, planting, small booths and couches have also been cleverly placed around the office space to create a relaxed yet dynamic working environment. Small, innovative and unique breakout spaces not often seen in a workplace context have been utilised. Materials such as bamboo and industrial plastic screens create varying levels of privacy for each of these breakout spaces. An interesting feature is the Hall of Fame, which, as the name suggests provides an opportunity for staff to reflect upon the history of the company. It also gives them an opportunity to consider what they can contribute and be part of the Perks story.

Perks is an innovative multi-disciplinary company, therefore the design needed to reflect their fun nature and their multi-discipline approach in a playful, yet subtle way through the use of stylised icons to further enhance their corporate image. These icons were developed with graphic designers to represent the ‘sum of parts’ that is Perks. This graphic was used throughout the Perks fit-out. The design incorporates ESD initiatives in response to the Perks’ commitment to sustainability and the design team’s goal to create a healthy, productive working environment.