University of Technology Sydney, Facilities Management Unit
Sydney, New South Wales
1,700 sqm, new outdoor student relaxation area, new teaching and learning spaces into an existing student hub.

This project involved the addition of new teaching and learning spaces into an existing student hub, the conversion of an existing classroom into a new collaborative teaching and learning space as well as the design of a new outdoor student relaxation area. Successfully integrating a new laptop counter, printer area and the incorporation of additional PC kiosks into the existing space proved a challenge for the design team. Student traffic flow and provision of existing services had to be carefully considered as well as sensitivity to the existing design. Working alongside a graphic designer, a new layer of movement and colour was incorporated by the addition of graphics to the classroom which has added vibrancy into the space. The graphics have been designed to illustrate the concept of the ‘journey of collaboration’.

Two sites formed part of this project (total 1,700 sqm) - the City Broadway Campus which is an ever constant hub of student activity and the Kuringgai Campus which is a landmark heritage listed building, situated in the suburbs on Sydney’s leafy north shore.

The brief to Hames Sharley was to design a stimulating, flexible and contemporary environment for teachers, staff and students that will also provide instant connectivity to technology and developing teaching and learning spaces which are appropriate to 21st-century approaches to tertiary education. Students of today want to be able to use their laptops regardless of their location to participate in group and individual learning within a more social context. As UTS places a strong emphasis on the availability of collaborative learning spaces to facilitate and encourage this interaction. The aim of this project was to ensure that this continues outside traditional lecture and study halls.