Department of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure
Walkerville, South Australia
Mulit-purpose hall

Hames Sharley has designed a 500m² HL2 multi-purpose hall that will provide a space for the primary school children to participate in physical education lessons, assemblies and school performances as well as a possibility of hire for the local community. The architectural form of the multi-purpose hall follows the strict functional requirements that such a building demands. Centrally located, the seven-metre high hall is augmented by secondary functions that require minimal height. These secondary functions are attached to the main hall to the northeast. The slight pitch to the main roof also emphasises the southern facade and reinforces this side as the main entrance.

The materials selection is sympathetic to the heritage fabric of the campus and references the masonry elements of the existing buildings but introduces lightweight materials to provide modern design flexibility and adaptability that was sought by the school. The design resulted in a cranked portal for the hall, grounded with a traditional masonry plinth, complimented by standing seam zinc cladding to the tiling walls above and the modern use of the gable room form to contain the ancillary spaces.