Midpoint Holdings
Waterford, Western Australia
Two Supermarkets; 42 Specialty Shops

The Centre is strategically located adjacent to Curtin University and offers a unique retail and dining experience through an eclectic mix of restaurants, cafes and retail. The cosmopolitan High Street interspersed with late-night cafes, alfresco dining and retail outlets create a destination of choice for both daily shopping and night time entertainment. Integrating the built form with an outdoor piazza and High Street, the Centre has evolved into a vibrant precinct drawing on the success of strip-style shopping experiences from around the world.

A popular destination for the 45,000-plus students and staff at the nearby University, the redevelopment includes an additional major supermarket, new internal mall, 29 additional speciality stores, increased parking capacity and a variety of eateries. Steering away from traditional shopping centre design, the integration of external spaces for food and retail replace enclosed internal malls with limited natural light and ventilation. Aiming to increase activity and attraction, extended trading hours and flexibility of the High Street allow for lively community events, such as festivals and markets.