Khoa Do, Head of Design Education in Practice, Hames Sharley

Khoa is an accomplished educator who is internationally celebrated for his exceptional people-centred and value-based leadership in the higher education arena. Prior to taking up this leadership role at Hames Sharley as the Head of Design Education in Practice. Khoa had spent over two decades as a full-time tenured Professor (Associate) in Australia. As an Associate Professor of Architecture, he was regularly invited to share his expertise as an esteemed visiting academic to universities, speaker forums, and keynotes at conferences internationally and he holds fellowships and honorary positions on academic-industry boards and committees.

Khoa brings to Hames Sharley a proven career history with a record of sustained excellence and impact. He is at the forefront of delivering exemplary educational programs and is the recipient of numerous national and international awards, grants and funding. Khoa’s achievements are a testament to his trailblazer approach to educational leadership that spans the academic-industry nexus.

Khoa’s decades of experience in Design Education and syllabus design will be instrumental in establishing an educational process internally that will enable all staff at Hames Sharley with ongoing professional development and elevate Hames Sharley to a level of service that is aligned with the competitive and dynamic industry growth we continue to witness. This is part of our commitment to both lifelong learning and developing further Hames Sharley’s point of difference and value differentiator through our methodology and research-driven thinking.

As Hames Sharley’s Head of Design Education in Practice will lead best-practice for embedding educational leadership across the organisation. It is a role that is equivalent to that of a Head of School in an academic setting but with an industry practice-led mindset and approach:

  • Chart an education-led and practice-based curriculum road map advancing practice-led education and research capabilities in creating new knowledge, skills development, and dissemination.
  • To lead and drive the design of a world-leading industry-based curriculum.
  • To build communities of practice connecting with the shared value where collectively we enable communities to flourish.