Khoa Do, Adjunct Principal of Research, Education & Practice, Hames Sharley

Khoa Do is the Adjunct Principal of Research, Education & Practice at Hames Sharley, Associate Professor of Architecture and an Executive Fellow/Deputy Chair of the Curtin Academy.

As a trained Australian Architect with more than two decades of combined experience in the university HE sector and architectural practice, Khoa’s research focuses on designing and developing interdisciplinary Scholarship.

Khoa has led University-industry engagements around the notion of knowledge communities formed through consortiums of practice. His contribution to higher education is led through fresh forms of thinking, creative synthesis of current and emerging discourse in industry engagement with external stakeholders in the advancement of work-integrated learning (WIL) and multicultural design engagement approach.

Khoa actively champions research in the areas of embedded learning in practice and to develop educational models that capitalise on the practice environment as a place of authentic learning through project-based-learning (PBL), inquiry-based-learning (IBL) and experiential-based-learning (EBL) that promote collaborative inquiry and discovery.