Creating anything of worth requires the strongest foundation, found through properly articulating the original question. Too often the design process is primarily reactive rather than built from a deep understanding of the opportunity. Hames Sharley recognises the value of collaborating on establishing an absolute understanding of the question. This is achieved through interdisciplinary research and evaluation, often with words and spreadsheets rather than initially with pencils and sketches.
Whilst the design world contains a limitless number of solutions, many questions can be answered decisively following targeted research. This enables greater design innovation to be achieved through equal effort expenditure and a greater probability of delivering more value and more quality. Investment at the beginning of a journey has the greatest impact on the end result.

we think. we research. we interpret. then we create.

Hames Sharley believes in reinvesting in its portfolios through research to meet the continuously changing requirements of tomorrow. We do this by taking a relentless daily look at the medium and long-term research-driven possibilities, and probabilities of what human behavioural changes will take place and their resultant effect on the built form of our cities and buildings.

The Hames Sharley Approach


All projects, regardless of discipline, start with research and an absolute understanding and focus on CONTEXT. CONTEXT is about what a site or opportunity owes its community; CONTEXT is what elevates a solution from functional and pragmatic to connected, authentic, and inspiring.