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Thumbnail for the article 'Embracing the local in a post-Covid world' by Trevor Wong, Graduate of Architecture
19 October 2020

Embracing the local in a post-Covid world

Trevor Wong, Graduate of Architecture

The idea focuses on the creation of ‘inclusive, vibrant and healthy neighbourhoods’ that are readily adaptable to the changing needs of residents while keeping to this time limit.

Thumbnail for the article 'How Build to Rent can capitalise on COVID-19'
30 September 2020

How Build to Rent can capitalise on COVID-19

While the coronavirus pandemic has taken a lot away from us all in the last nine months, it may provide the push that’s needed to turn Build to Rent into an Australian residential mainstay.

Thumbnail for the article 'An EPiC initiative to build more sustainable cities'
23 September 2020

An EPiC initiative to build more sustainable cities

With global temperatures steadily increasing, sustainable design is more important than ever. But beyond constructing energy-efficient buildings, embracing biophilic design and finding clever ways to capture and recycle rainwater, architects must also consider the life cycle of their building materials for minimal impact on the environment.

Thumbnail for the article 'The rise and rise of mixed-use developments in the post-COVID economy'
02 September 2020

The rise and rise of mixed-use developments in the post-COVID economy

The lines between work and play are blurred as newer developments boast a diverse mix of residential, retail, commercial and entertainment spaces all in the one area. This new style of mixed-use design is increasingly being embraced for new developments across Australia, in the city centres and suburbs alike.

Thumbnail for the article 'Getting back to nature'
26 August 2020

Getting back to nature

Pressure on the environment is increasing and more than ever, there’s a need to dissipate that stress and its effect on our health. It’s the perfect time to realise the benefits of Biophilic Design…

Thumbnail for the article 'Driverless Transport Will Speed Up Smart Cities'
12 August 2020

Driverless Transport Will Speed Up Smart Cities

Driverless Transport Key to Future of Masterplanned Communities

EasyMile’s small, box-shaped shuttle is putting master planned communities on the fast track to becoming early beneficiaries of autonomous vehicle technology, according to Urban Development Portfolio Leader, Chris Maher.

Thumbnail for the article 'The importance of integrating art with architecture'
10 August 2020

The importance of integrating art with architecture

Q&A with artist, Paula Hart

Art isn’t likely something that comes to mind when you do your weekly food shop. But for shoppers at Mount Pleasant Woolworths in Western Australia, their supermarket looks a little more like an art gallery.

Thumbnail for the article 'The Design Matrix'
31 July 2020

The Design Matrix

How Simulated Environments are Shaping our Future

Exploiting the data provided by new technologies is making a big difference to the architectural process, with environmental simulations becoming increasingly important in early project design.

Thumbnail for the article 'How urban design can help reduce homelessness' by Hayley Edwards
06 July 2020

How urban design can help reduce homelessness

Hayley Edwards

With homelessness affecting hundreds of thousands of Australians, this is no longer a situation we can ignore. It is time for Australia to follow the footsteps of countries such as France, Finland and Greece, to determine how we can implement urban planning tools to help alleviate homelessness.

Thumbnail for the article 'Going viral – how the coronavirus will affect urban design'
25 June 2020

Going viral – how the coronavirus will affect urban design

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant big changes to the ways we interact with each other as a society. Now, with Australia slowly emerging from lockdowns and restrictions, we’re faced with the prospect of returning to normal again. But when it comes to architecture and urban design, what will normal mean? Can it really be business as usual?

Thumbnail for the article 'Architecture in an Age of Augmented Reality'
24 June 2020

Architecture in an Age of Augmented Reality

How Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) will shape the future of built environments

To those outside of the industry, the idea of taking a virtual tour of a new building before it’s even been constructed, every detail brought to life by wearing VR goggles, might sound like science fiction. But for designers, these futuristic technologies are becoming par for the course, rapidly transforming architecture as we know it.