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05 June 2019

Emergency on planet Earth…

By the National Sustainability Forum

For almost 50 years, the UN has used World Environment Day to promote the preservation of our planet. This year’s agenda is taking on problem that’s quite literally all around us…

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05 June 2019

A breath of fresh air…

By the National Sustainability Forum

Air pollution kills more people per year than HIV, tuberculosis and malaria combined – so what can be done to stop us breathing wholly smoke?

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21 May 2019

The other sides of architecture

For the latest in our series on HS People we sat down with Sydney’s new studio leader, Dustin Brade.

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20 May 2019

United into the future

Cultural inclusivity is vital if the world is going to move towards a sustainable, cooperative future. In recognition of this, the United Nations has its own holiday: World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development.

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17 May 2019

Universal truths

With May 21 marking the UN’s World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, we look at the ways in which good design can be inclusive for everyone, regardless of their background and ability.

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07 May 2019

The oral history of remote Australia

For more than 20 years, Professor Marc Tennant has worked to improve the plight of Indigenous and rural Australians suffering from poor oral health. We talk to him about the early days and how sometimes the best ideas are the obvious ones…

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12 April 2019

Places of Pride

Australia has a vast number of war memorials – something in the order of 6000 across the country – displaying a phenomenal breadth of design and variation. While you may be familiar with the war memorials in your own community, however, experiencing the full range of commemorative sites would be a massive undertaking.

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12 April 2019

A means to remember

This ANZAC Day, tens of thousands of Australians will come together to visit a local war memorial. Be they simple plaques or thoughtfully designed architectural structures, these sites serve as focal points for the community in a way few other structures can hope to.

Thumbnail for the article 'Dare to stair…' by By Stephen Moorcroft, Workplace Portfolio Leader
31 March 2019

Dare to stair…

Fad, folly or corporate weapon?

By Stephen Moorcroft, Workplace Portfolio Leader

It’s not often that a physical interior workplace design feature can so swiftly polarise opinion - but the tenant circulation stair is often a hot topic on any multi floor workplace fit out.

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20 March 2019

A design for inclusion

With this week marking the twentieth anniversary of Harmony Day in Australia, we turned our thoughts towards the part cultural diversity plays in the design industry: why inclusivity is not just desirable in the workplace but essential, bringing a whole host of advantages that are lost in a less multicultural environment.

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20 March 2019

All together now

Harmony Day is a celebration of cultural diversity, which sits at the heart of Australia’s national identity.