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12 April 2019

Places of Pride

Australia has a vast number of war memorials – something in the order of 6000 across the country – displaying a phenomenal breadth of design and variation. While you may be familiar with the war memorials in your own community, however, experiencing the full range of commemorative sites would be a massive undertaking.

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12 April 2019

A means to remember

This ANZAC Day, tens of thousands of Australians will come together to visit a local war memorial. Be they simple plaques or thoughtfully designed architectural structures, these sites serve as focal points for the community in a way few other structures can hope to.

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31 March 2019

Dare to stair…

Fad, folly or corporate weapon?

By Stephen Moorcroft, Workplace Portfolio Leader

It’s not often that a physical interior workplace design feature can so swiftly polarise opinion - but the tenant circulation stair is often a hot topic on any multi floor workplace fit out.

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20 March 2019

A design for inclusion

With this week marking the twentieth anniversary of Harmony Day in Australia, we turned our thoughts towards the part cultural diversity plays in the design industry: why inclusivity is not just desirable in the workplace but essential, bringing a whole host of advantages that are lost in a less multicultural environment.

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20 March 2019

All together now

Harmony Day is a celebration of cultural diversity, which sits at the heart of Australia’s national identity.

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06 March 2019

From the pioneers to the modern-day – some of architecture’s greatest females

A look back through the ages and find some of architecture’s most prominent females who helped pave the way for the women of today.

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06 March 2019

Marion Mahony Griffin - The heroine that shaped our capital

A spotlight on the ‘woman behind the man’

Many know Marion Mahony Griffin in relation to her work undertaken for Frank Lloyd Wright, and with her husband and business partner Walter Burley Griffin, but she was an incredible architect in her own right.

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05 March 2019

International Women’s Day

This week we celebrate International Women’s Day and it’s an opportunity for us all to reflect on our past and futures.

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27 February 2019

Project Spotlight Series

Rundle Mall Plaza, Adelaide

A visual essay of Hames Sharley’s designs for the Adelaide’s iconic Rundle Mall Plaza

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27 February 2019

The fun is in the challenge

A sit down with Adelaide’s new Studio Leader, Leon Gouws

with Leon Gouws

A sit down with Adelaide’s new Studio Leader, Leon Gouws

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18 February 2019

Cause an effect

By Rua Hashlamoun

We all know architecture and design means more than coming up with mould-breaking office spaces and eye-catching structures. But have you thought about how the skill set required for those occupations can have farther-reaching effects on the community, both local and global?

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18 February 2019

Why being a member of an industry body can help communities flourish

With Leon Gouws, Louisa Glennon and Mark Claydon

Industry bodies play a bigger part in our every day lives than many people realise. As well as unifying and supporting their members, industry bodies work hard to champion the rights of those not only within the industry, but also strive to make positive changes which benefit the wider community.

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30 January 2019

The pen is mightier than the CAD…

with Niall Browne

Hames Sharley Associate, Niall Browne on why, despite all the impressive technological advances, the art of the hand drawn sketch remains a core part of our arsenal.

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29 January 2019

Is it all over for open-plan?

By the Workplace Portfolio with Stephen Moorcroft

Current research suggests that open-plan workplaces are failing in their understood aim to foster collaboration… but the fault doesn’t necessarily lie in the concept.

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22 January 2019

Learning lessons to influence future output

How can we learn from our past actions to appropriately influence future methods of working? In this piece we investigate ways by which we could learn from our collective experiences to improve our day-to-day operations and in doing so we discovered that by reflecting on the right things any sector of business can learn from the past.