And we feel honoured to do it

Evidenced by our delivery of multi-award-winning projects across the disciplines of architecture, interior design, urban design, planning, and landscape design. Established in 1976, the practice has studios in Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney. Hames Sharley only believes in opportunities – challenges and issues are only opportunities in waiting.

Our portfolio of work is as diverse as it is innovative. With nine portfolios of recognised expertise, our ability to creatively address opportunities is limitless.

Our single ownership structure and commitment in our own research, innovation, and development allow us to reinvest in our own knowledge and people. Allowing us to operate truly as one practice, ensuring all our projects receive the best we have to offer, regardless of location.

While our history and geographical coverage is important, to maintain relevancy we must be ever-evolving and nimble enough to quickly and constantly apply change. To achieve this, we constantly review and adapt our methodologies. This enables us to provide the most valuable insight into the future needs of the built environment. This requires a relentless application of self- and project reflection coupled with a thirst for new knowledge, points of view, and their combined application.

Our core vision is simple.

We enable communities to flourish

We remind ourselves constantly that design requires absolute selflessness to enable the communities we engage with to flourish through our designs.

We stand by our principles and challenge preconceived ideas. Our vision is identified through three guiding principles:

  • Think for tomorrow today
  • Deliver transformational solutions
  • Create an exceptional collaborative environment for outstanding people
Staff in our Queensland Studio

We employ and develop leading professionals in research, sustainability, design, place-creation, and BIM technologies. These experts constantly challenge one another and together develop new and exciting methods of approaching the design and delivery process.

Our approach to a unique and innovative methodology has led to long-term relationships based on mutual trust between employees and clients. This repeat business and our continuous involvement in visionary design is a testament to our company’s values and approach.