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Sport & Recreation


The arena of sport and recreational architecture is a rapidly changing environment involving a diverse range of facilities with people and the wider community at the very heart of the design.

Whether designing a community sports and leisure facility or a world-class stadium, the importance of connectivity to the community is fundamental to a facility’s performance. Working closely with key stakeholders, we tailor bespoke design solutions that look to attract more spectators and participants as well as provide a memorable experience.

We understand that sporting and recreation facilities contribute to the vitality of the communities they serve, and we seek for all facilities to actively engage with their surroundings, creating a precinct-wide solution where social infrastructure underpins development and growth within the wider community.

The following foundations underpin Hames Sharley’s designs for exemplary sporting and recreation architecture:

  • AESTHETIC Creating outstanding buildings and venues that offer a sense of belonging and identity
  • EFFICIENCY Creating multiple-use venues and event spaces that support a diverse range of activities
  • ADAPTABILITY Creating facilities that can easily adapt to changing requirements, technologies and social behaviours


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Urban Design
  • Town and Regional Planning
  • Landscape Architecture