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Hames Sharley has a fundamental belief in understanding and respecting the context of our clients, and this is evident in every project we design. Our interior design portfolio takes this further with the recognition that design is able to influence business performance positively.

Modern media frequently discusses trends around open-plan, agile, activity-based working and working patterns. It considers a possible return to cellular offices and debates strategies for resilience in times of natural disaster, increased technology disruption and pandemic. At Hames Sharley we tend to reject trends and are instead genuinely interested and excited by the connection of context and performance to create a workplace that is fundamentally unique and centred about our client.

We have developed a suite of briefing tools designed to consider aspirational, strategic and functional briefing with an emphasis on considering the future work of an organisation and creating physical space to empower success. Our approach is both data-driven and highly consultative using utilisation statistics, benchmarks, interviews and a workshop series to engage small or large groups and frequently assisting a cultural change management process. Typical outputs of our detailed briefing process would include vision, organisational aspirations, predicted change, occupancy model (including agility where relevant), space types and ratios and outline look and feel. This information provides a basis to test every design decision against.

If carried out early enough, our briefing process can be used to inform site selection and the design of a commercial base building. Our team is experienced in site selection testing exercises and in representing clients when negotiating tenancies from the design perspective of protecting growth and flexibility. We also look for opportunities specific to the needs of our clients. More frequently, we are approached to select between existing tenancies and to develop a commercial fit out design from the briefing, through scheme and design development and onto site. Throughout a project’s development, we are constantly referring back to our briefing streams of context and performance to identify a design concept and a detailed quality, providing a unique character that resonates with each client group.

Our interior design team across Australia offers an array of international experience from many sectors, and we frequently work between studios allowing us to respond rapidly to projects of various scales and allowing us to use the very best experience for each project.