Hames Sharley understands that the built environment has a major impact on student behaviour, and the potential to greatly improve learning outcomes. We take a considered approach to education facility planning and design, ensuring that the quality and function of internal and external spaces creates a stimulating environment – a space that encourages strong, positive attachment.

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14 Jun 2018

Not just child’s play - designing childcare centres

Jerry Cherian

The Australian child-care industry is thriving, creating opportunities for centres to invest in designs that enrich the childcare experience and contribute to a better built environment.

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12 Mar 2018

The architecture of education

Jacinta Houzer

With the 21st century well underway, the way in which students receive education nowadays is vastly different from the pre-internet age.

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05 Dec 2017

Arty Facts

Michael Cooper

No matter the size of the project, over the past twelve months we have applied the same set of guidelines in our approach to designing buildings and spaces in the public & culture sector. Here we present our 12 key considerations when designing for museums and galleries.