Transit Oriented Developments create vibrant, livable, sustainable communities. Also known as TODs, they create compact, walkable, pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use communities centered around transit systems. This makes it possible to plan for denser, more sustainable cities whose population can live a lower-stress life without dependence on the automobile.

Thumbnail for the article 'Taking cars out of the urban planning equation' by Hayley Edwards and Oliver Fenner
25 May 2020

Taking cars out of the urban planning equation

Hayley Edwards and Oliver Fenner

If cars are so detrimental to the health and wellbeing of our cities and their inhabitants, why haven’t we phased them out? We look at some of the issues involved, and how urban designers and architects can respond to the problem.

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14 May 2020

The road ahead for driverless cars

In collaboration with EasyMile

For years, we’ve been told to expect a transport revolution: get ready for the driverless car! And yes, there are little signs of it happening – from universities using automated vehicles to ferry guests around on open days to the deployment of driverless transport as a way of circumventing coronavirus restrictions. But aside from feeling twinges of jealousy when watching self-controlled limos speeding characters around on shows like Westworld, we’ve more or less let the whole idea slip from our consciousness.

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19 Nov 2018

Spotlight on the future of urban hubs

The future of urban hubs and transit oriented developments have been a hot topic in Queensland this month, with a number of panel events and media outlets reporting on the subject.

Thumbnail for the article 'The notion of nodes' by Chris Maher, Jason Preston and David McCarroll
06 Aug 2018

The notion of nodes

Chris Maher, Jason Preston and David McCarroll

What is a city node? What are its benefits? And what is its place in the Australian urban environment?

Thumbnail for the article 'Google to run the waterfront of Toronto' by Chris Maher
19 Jun 2018

Google to run the waterfront of Toronto

Chris Maher

Sidewalk Labs will help transform Toronto into a smart city, using sensors to monitor a variety of interactions in order to collect data that will create efficiencies for the city.

Thumbnail for the article 'Laying the tracks for great Transit Oriented Developments' by Chris Maher
21 May 2018

Laying the tracks for great Transit Oriented Developments

Chris Maher

For today’s developers, urban planners and governments, development around transit areas requires extremely careful planning. Here we explore the key principles that will allow projects to truly serve and support their surrounding communities.

Thumbnail for the article 'Uber and above' by Jacinta Houzer
21 May 2018

Uber and above

Jacinta Houzer

Ride-sharing service Uber could soon disrupt the transport sector again with a new project, Uber Elevate.

Thumbnail for the article 'The impact of a driverless society on retail' by Harold Perks
16 Mar 2017

The impact of a driverless society on retail

Harold Perks

It’s coming at us faster than a speeding Bugatti Veyron – the era of the autonomous car - and when this technology finally arrives the impact to retail will be immense…

Thumbnail for the article 'Driving sales' by Harold Perks
16 Mar 2017

Driving sales

Harold Perks

Imagine this: you walk into your local retail centre, aiming to pick-out an evening gown and shoes, grab a quick chef-prepared meal for lunch, and organise your grocery drop-off to your house. Then, out of the corner of your eye, you spot the plush lounge of a major auto brand…

Thumbnail for the article 'Moral machines' by Sally Raphael
14 Feb 2017

Moral machines

Sally Raphael

New technology raises a myriad of questions about how the design of our cities will change to accommodate them. But what is of increasing interest is how machines will be programmed to make difficult, even moral, decisions…

Thumbnail for the article 'Driverless cities – preparing for a transport revolution' by Kate Fuller
12 Feb 2017

Driverless cities – preparing for a transport revolution

Kate Fuller

With driverless cars already taking to the roads in Pittsburg, San Francisco and even on trial in Adelaide, the autonomous vehicle revolution is upon us – whether we like it or not.