Murdoch University
Murdoch. Western Australia
Breakout areas on both floors and adaptable teaching spaces that can be configured in four different ways; wireless teaching system, student lounge, kitchen and outdoor deck.

Situated on the Murdoch campus next to the MIT building, the Learning Link Building was designed to enhance the learning experience of postgraduate business students. Integrating new age technology, a wireless approach to teaching and learning was incorporated into the design, providing students and teachers with the capacity to link to the system through their tablets, laptops and smart phones.

Two storeys high, the ground floor includes four teaching spaces that can be adapted to various configurations depending on the teaching conditions and attendance of students. There are also breakout areas designed to encourage interaction and collective collaboration amongst groups of six to eight people. Additional breakout areas are available on the outdoor timber decking that is accessible from the main building. On the first floor, are additional teaching spaces that were again designed to be adaptable to the various teaching conditions. Break out areas were also included along with a private-use, postgraduate lounge area and kitchen that overlooks the Chinese Garden.

The Learning Link Building plays an important role on the Murdoch campus as it is strategically positioned and designed to link the MIT building with the proposed Pedagopolis facility. It provides a modern and interactive teaching and learning experience for postgraduate students through the inclusion of collaboration and interaction areas and a wireless environment where people have the flexibility to participate, record and refer to information instantly.