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13 Jan 2017

Divisive architecture is nothing new

By Sally Raphael

During his candidacy Donald Trump proposed the idea of building a wall along America’s southern border with Mexico.

While his proposition triggered intense debate, not only about the Trump wall itself, but also about the modern challenges of migration, it gave us pause to consider the role of architecture, and how it can divide or unite us.

13 Jan 2017

Inside Donald Trump’s Tower

By Lauren Bobrige

Donald Trump moves into the White House on Friday January 20, leaving behind his beloved $100 million penthouse condo in Trump Tower.

Monocle’s New York bureau chief Ed Stocker took a stroll down 5th Avenue to examine the 58-storey building and share his view on Trump’s home and its place within American society.

City Vision
13 Jan 2017

Science and technology advances for a new world

Seven top futurists have shared their predictions with HuffPost Science on what the next decade will bring in science and technology – with a “brain-net” and 3D printers for clothing and human organs being just some of the forecasts.

City Vision
13 Jan 2017

Begging for a better solution

By Kate Fuller

From the global financial crisis to the ever-increasing refugee crisis, homelessness and begging has become a major issue for cities around the world.

In the last global survey of homelessness by the United Nations in 2005 it was reported that an estimated 100 million global citizens were homeless, while a 2015 report from Habitat for Humanity showed that as many as 1.6 billion people lacked adequate housing.

Work, Learn, Heal
05 Jan 2017

The impossibility of not communicating

By Jack Belfer

Communication is an everyday life process. Everything we do is brimming with content that can be either verbal or non-verbal. However, due to the fact that communication is constant and usually humdrum, we often don’t stop and think about the implications, interactions, messages and the overall context of our exchange and the impact that has on others.

13 Dec 2016

The MONA effect – how an iconic building can transform a city

By Sally Raphael

Hobart can now lay serious claim to being the Australian capital of counter-culture - and this is partially down to one building.

Since opening in 2011 the MONA has welcomed 1.7m visitors, hosted an array of thought provoking exhibitions and introduced the MOFO and Dark MOFO festivals.

City Vision
12 Dec 2016

How summer festivals and major events transform cities

By Kate Fuller with Chris Maher

The silly season is well and truly upon us, with summer festivals and major events ready to invigorate just about every Australian city and town over the coming months.

But how do these annual events and festivals impact our towns and cities? What do they bring to our urban spaces and communities? And what can councils and urban planners do to ensure city spaces are adaptable enough to meet the needs of large scale annual or one-off events and the people and pockets they bring?

Place Creation
09 Dec 2016

How a ‘happy index’ could increase a city’s joy

We’ve heard of smart cities, but what about happy cities? Bristol’s Happy City Initiative – one of the world’s most renowned wellbeing research centres – is attempting to measure the city’s happiness in order to increase it.