Gender equity is a cornerstone of Hames Sharley’s design business

“As one of Australia’s oldest multi-disciplinary design firms, diversity is embedded in our DNA. We know from experience that diversity within our disciplines, portfolios and people fosters and ensures innovation in all our projects. This enables us to deliver on our commitment to the pursuit of excellence in the delivery of our cities, places and buildings.

We believe that leadership in gender equity within our own team is just one step towards positively evolving the property and construction industry towards a more diverse future. As an industry, we are only at the start of that journey. At Hames Sharley we recognise that for gender leadership to truly prosper, key industry players and the sector as a whole are required to work collaboratively to implement measurable improvements. We start by continually looking to how we can better our own workplace and are currently implementing initiatives to promote diversity in our business culture… and investigating still more.

At Hames Sharley, we are looking forward to a future where gender equity is a given and diversity within our workplace continues to flourish.

We do this for our people. We do this for our industry. We do this for the communities we are helping to imagine, create and sustain.”

Michelle Cramer, Director

Hames Sharley are proud to support The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC). We are featured in NAWIC’s National Conference video for 2015.

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