Crown Perth
Burswood, Perth

Hames Sharley was engaged by Crown Perth to undertake architectural services for the multi-storey car park at their iconic West Australian resort.

The car park provides 1,500 bays over six levels. Level six is an open roof deck. Level three provides a pedestrian bridge linking to the resort complex at the eastern end.

The car park was designed as a flat floor layout with one-way speed ramps connecting the various levels providing maximum user convenience in an aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective structure. As a 17m x 7.8m grid, the wide span means columns are generally located only at the nose ends of bays, giving long, column-free parking rows. Having no column beside the bay means all bays are equally easy to manoeuvre into and out of, and equally desirable.

The configuration of spiralling ramps allows people entering the car park to rise up floor to floor without circulating through each parking level. Similarly, when exiting, cars will spiral down the intertwining down ramps to ground level. The separation of up and down ramps will reduce conflict between entering and exiting traffic to create a safer, more user-friendly experience.