Our website is our way of welcoming you into our world, and we want it to be inspiring, useful, informative and helpful to you. That is why we have recently redesigned and relaunched it.

Fundamentally, we want to show you what we know that might help you day to day, using words, photographs, drawings and design.

Here’s how we hope our website will make your job easier:

  1. We take you where you want to go quickly with a clear, easy-to-navigate menu with logical subheadings.
  2. In both look and substance, our new design is modern … like us!
  3. We’ve left out the usual “archi-speak” and bragging that you’ll find on many architects websites.
  4. Instead, we describe our approach to design, quickly and crisply, in our About Us section so you know just what we offer and whether it’s going to work for you.
  5. And, since knowledge is the font of our creativity, we’ve created a whole section (called Knowledge) to share ideas, inspiration and research with you. You’ll hear both from us, and from other leading thinkers in architecture and urban design across the globe.
  6. The information on our website is more comprehensive than ever. You can get to know us well – our approach, ideas, partners, prior work, and the talents of our directors and staff—before you pick up the phone to us if that is the way you prefer to work.
  7. We provide you with layers of information, starting with a quick summary before taking you more deeply into the details. So, you can find the information that matters most to you.
  8. Want to see our work? As well as providing photographs and drawings of our projects, we provide the location.
  9. Sharing is caring – we’ve made it easier for you to share our stories via social media, and to send us feedback about what we publish for you.
  10. For a fortnightly hit of ideas and inspiration, you can sign up to our e-newsletter, which has stories to inform and excite you.
  11. Yes, we love websites, but nothing beats a handshake, a coffee and a face to face chat about whatever you have on your mind that we might be able to help with. We have offices in five states. Our contact section provides handy maps so you can find us quickly and easily.
  12. Are we the right practice to work for you? In our Recognition section, we put others on the soapbox to tell you what they think of us and showcase the latest information about current projects.

Stop by and browse. Or let us know your thoughts.

Have we achieved our goals? Can we do even better?

For bouquets and brickbats, email us at [email protected]

William Hames is the executive chairman of Hames Sharley and its founding father. He is a qualified architect, urban designer and land economist with high-level skills in retail and commercial property development, including land development, with considerable international experience.

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