Middleton Beach Activity Centre Design Guidelines, Albany, Western Australia - A Urban Development project for LandCorp by Hames Sharley
Albany, Western Australia
Sustainability is a key principle in the guidelines that seek climate responsive outcomes and energy and water efficiency initiatives.

The Middleton Beach Activity Centre Design Guidelines aim to facilitate the development of a coastal node and landmark for Middleton Beach that integrates into the surrounding community and adjoining beach front and bushland areas, reinforcing Middleton Beach as a destination for residents, visitors and tourists.

The Guidelines have been prepared to ensure the delivery of high quality design outcomes for the development of a hotel site and several mixed-use sites addressing key elements such as climate responsive design as well as contributing to the local amenity and unique place character of the area.

The Guidelines include primary controls and guidance on siting the building and designing the building.

As part of the assessment and determination process for development approvals within the Middleton Beach Activity Centre, the Guidelines include requirements for a rigorous design review process. Due to the significance of the site, the review panel for the hotel includes review by the WA Government Architect or State Design Review Panel.

Consultation with the WA Office of Government Architect, the City of Albany and the local community was a key component of the project.

The guidelines were advertised in May 2018.

Key Challenges:

  • Local community sensitivities.
  • Regional investment context.
  • Balancing the level of guidance and control in response to the draft WA Apartment Guide, City of Albany planning processes and LandCorp’s aspirations for the precinct.