We’re gonna need a bigger Allen key

There’s no denying that flat-packed, modular furniture is well-established feature of the modern design landscape. Well, get ready, because plans are afoot for flat-packed, modular design to become part of the actual landscape, too.

The Urban Village Project is a joint effort from architecture firms SPACE10 and EFFEKT, who are working with Swedish furnishings giant Ikea to generate houses that are not only more affordable but sustainable too.

The focus is on flexibility, with a series of apartment-style residences that can be adapted and restyled from a range of modules in order to best suit the intended residents – a single occupant can address the space one way, while a family of four can mould it entirely differently, according to their needs. And, of course, because Ikea is involved, the homes can even be broken down, packed up and reused elsewhere.

The scheme employs construction methods that reduce CO2 emissions, and there’s an emphasis on shared spaces that will increase the community feel of these new villages, which are intended to be easily inserted into existing cityscapes.

To find out more, visit the Urban Village Project website.

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