Building Management and Works
Applecross, Western Australia

The $57 million Senior High School redevelopment involves retaining the ‘H’ block, the Gymnasium, the swimming pool, and the Automotive Workshop, while all other existing buildings will be removed. The concept for the new buildings is a series of linear extruded elements aligned adjacent to the existing main building on site with a clear expression of structure to a module drawn from this building - H block. The spaces formed between the new and existing become the new entry and heart of the school and a refocussed gateway to the site.

The whole school, inside and out, will become a canvas for learning. Learning opportunities can occur in an enormous spectrum of spaces (and is increasingly supported by flexible technology), not just the classroom. Thinking through and capitalising on these opportunities can lead to a much more adaptable and vibrant learning experience.

Understanding the pedagogical philosophies and crafting a building setting and spaces to support these have been central to the development of a successful concept. The pedagogy is the critical backbone to providing the architectural spirit and direction of the school. It is the fusion of all these ideas, from the macro issues of setting and community to the forensic resolution of individual learning spaces that has led to a coherent and stimulating design concept for the Applecross Senior High School Redevelopment. This project is being undertaken in association with Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland.