Wellard, Western Australia
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Located at the corner of Charing Cross Road and Lambeth Circle in the new suburb of Wellard, the single storey centre is designed to stimulate a child’s senses and provide a supportive environment for staff, families and children alike. The centre will accommodate children ranging in age from 12 weeks – 5 years and is designed as four separate clusters interconnected by verandas around separate play areas, and sharing a Discovery Centre off the main reception area. The Nursery and Big Babies rooms have a great homely feel and the layout allows children to explore their surroundings but still ensuring adequate adult supervision at all times. The Toddler rooms are set up with different areas to encourage exploration, creativity and imaginative play. Spaces cater for all children’s interests, from those who like to construct and create, children who like to dance in wide spaced areas and children who like to spend some quiet time reading and thinking in a peaceful environment.

The building has a distinctive architectural language with high pitched red roofs, timber cladding and a curved façade to the prominent corner of the site next to the roundabout. The interiors and outdoor play spaces respond to the proposition that children must be able to learn through the experiences of touching, moving, seeing and hearing. The internal and external spaces flow together in a stimulating environment with a large open space to facilitate active play, adventure playgrounds with sand pits, natural climbing activities and musical gardens to challenge not only children’s physical ability but also their curiosity on many other levels.