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The future vision of Broome was explored at the PIA WA State Conference this month, thanks to an enlightening presentation delivered by Senior Planner Rebecca Spencer, and Associate Naden Scarfone of Hames Sharley.

Introducing the landscapes and economy of Broome; Rebecca and Naden were quick to highlight why this regional centre of the Kimberley (which boasts 900 kilometres of coastline, and approximately 80 Aboriginal communities) is so special to WA.

The team took conference delegates on a visual journey, detailing the following unique aspects of Broome:

  • Its remoteness and isolation
  • Its unique social composition·
  • Its standing as one of the first local government authorities nationally, to be a signatory to an Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) (recognising the Yawuru people as native title holders of the Broome townsite and surrounds).
  • Its vast and globally significant environments
  • Its seasonality
  • Its urban form
  • Its growth aspirations
Presentation at the PIA WA State Conference

How and why the Local Planning Strategy and Scheme Review being prepared by Hames Sharley, plays such a fundamental part in the future of the Shire of Broome was then explored…

It was identified that enabling growth without compromising the rich cultural history, lifestyle and environment of Broome is essential to this planning process.

This balancing act seeks to create a planning framework that supports growth and development, whilst also celebrating and protecting Broome’s unique culture and environmental characteristics. This was achieved through early and robust engagement with the community and stakeholders, the outcomes of which will guide the strategic
direction of the documents being prepared.

The stakeholder and community engagement process (led by Shape Urban) highlighted the following desired outcomes:
Rebecca and Naden highlighted that taking this perspective for planning in the Shire will assist with enhanced liveability, greater activation of existing precincts and reduced
urban sprawl.

  • Enhancing liveability to retain and attract locals
  • Getting serious about sustainability initiatives
  • Ensuring protection of the environment is prioritised
  • This balanced approach for Broome can ensure an increase in tourism while providing the celebration, enhancement, and protection of unique cultural, environmental and heritage qualities.
Presentation at the PIA WA State Conference

The Hames Sharley planning documents will provide an enabling framework, that carefully considers the potential impacts on and benefits to:

Hames Sharley is passionate about regional planning and is excited by this opportunity to refresh the Shire’s local planning framework in keeping with the State’s Planning
Reform agenda.

  • Locals
  • Visitors
  • Culture; and
  • Environment.