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Hames Sharley project Brookvale Structure Plan has recently been in the news, with the release of the proposed draft Structure Plan to go before Northern Beaches Council for public exhibition approval.

The Brookvale Structure Plan describes the repositioning of Brookvale as an employment-focused strategic centre of the future and outlines the avenues needed to reinvigorate and revitalise Brookvale. The project demonstrates a capacity to evolve over time to include a future mix of industrial, commercial, retail, educational, residential and community uses.

The Brookvale Structure Plan takes advantage of the existing strengths of Brookvale and its bespoke characteristics to create a synergy between a variety of uses and users. The project articulates the opportunities within Brookvale and extends beyond more than just the mix of uses typically associated with a strategic centre. Furthermore, the structure plan harnesses Brookvale’s intrinsic characteristics and opportunities to identify future uses and provisions critical to its transformation.

Council chief executive Mark Ferguson has described the Structure Plan as a “hipster’s paradise to rival the likes of Zetland or Alexandria… A much-needed facelift delivered to the historically blue-collar area, creating a bustling night-time economy of small bars and microbreweries to complement a town centre doubling in height”.

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