City Shapers by The Urban Developer · City Shapers Podcast: Hames Sharley - Chris Maher and Dustin Brade

How can we continue to create better mixed-use developments for our communities?

There is a fine art in bringing together a range of applications in mixed-use developments.

Recently, Founder and Chief Executive of The Urban Developer Adam Di Marco spoke with Hames Sharley’s Director & Urban Development Portfolio Leader, Chris Maher and Principal & New South Wales Studio Leader Dustin Brade to discuss their perspective on the future of mixed-use developments.

The conversation followed the multi-disciplinary practice and how bringing together a range of expertise helps in piecing together complex projects across several portfolios.

“It’s not easy but it is a good challenge for us. We have thought leadership groups that head up each one of our portfolios. We work on the mantra that we are one practice - many studios. It is the continual overlaying of information with who are the knowledge leaders in those specific fields.”

Chris and Dustin not only explore future flexibility, the demand and the evolution of mixed-use developments but go a step further in discussing human connection and how they continue to create places that remain interesting and inspiring for our communities.

“Mixed-use centres creates vibrancy. While Covid has undoubtedly made people nervous about public transport, we are creatures that like to connect. Mixed-use takes advantage of being close to a railway station or a bus depot and that is something we will see more of.”

Chris Maher, National Director | Urban Development Portfolio

Chris Maher, National Director | Urban Development Portfolio

The last 30 years have seen Chris Maher working in architecture and urban design throughout the UK, Hong Kong, and across Australia.

Chris is continuing his mission to combine place-based knowledge, creativity, economic rigour and social understanding in the delivery of environmentally responsive design.

Dustin Brade, Principal | Studio Leader NSW

Dustin Brade, Principal | Studio Leader NSW

For over ten years, Dustin Brade has worked on developing the necessary skills to successfully deliver projects throughout all phases.

Dustin manages project teams on large mixed-use developments and understands the complexities that come with maximising the efficiency and output of the group, as well as managing stakeholder expectations and consultant requirements.