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The next generation of architects are inheriting some of the biggest design challenges Adelaide has ever faced, says leading architecture and design firm Hames Sharley.

“The Y-Generation comes into the industry at a critical time,” The Director of Hames Sharley in Adelaide, Mr David Cooke, said.

“Our State faces major issues of sustainability.

“It will require smart designs around water, energy, transport and inner city residential, and the next generation will right in the thick of it.

“The good news is that the graduates coming through our universities represent some of the brightest professionals in the State and are up for the challenge.”

Mr Cooke was on hand to present two major awards to the architecture and interior architecture graduating class of 2009 at University of South Australia last week.

Highly sought after, the Hames Sharley Undergraduate Awards offer employment opportunities, industry association membership, financial support and industry recognition.

“It’s very important for Hames Sharley to be supporting the next generation coming into the industry,” Mr Cooke said.

“This is a part of Hames Sharley’s commitment to recognising outstanding student work while assisting students’ transmission to professional life.”

“As part of the prize, we offer employment to the award winners. We also see this as an investment in our firm’s and industry’s future. These are the very people who will have a major influence on the future shape of our city.”

“Architecture and Interior Architecture tends to attract some of the brightest and most creative professionals and there is a wealth of talent coming through the ranks in Adelaide.

“In my view, a firm that doesn’t play its role in supporting students and providing career opportunities has no right to complain about a skills shortage.”

This year’s winners will join the expanding Hames Sharley team of 35 design professionals in South Australia.

Hames Sharley Prize in Architecture

The Hames Sharley Prize in Architecture recognises outstanding academic achievement by a student enrolled in the final year of their undergraduate architecture program. It provides support for the graduate’s transition into the professional Master of Architecture Program, provides an opportunity for employment in architectural practice and promotes membership of the Australian Institute of Architects.