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With the assistance of Hames Sharley and individual supporters, Rebecca Walsh from our Adelaide office will travel to Kenya this month to work as a volunteer with the not for profit organisation “Village Volunteers”.

Rebecca will assist in the construction process of the Sirua Clinic and Academy by providing hands on assistance in the construction of the facility, giving advice to local communities and project leaders as well as making site trips to review future facilities.

“This is a huge project with exponential educational merit, not just for the local children but for local building industry as well,” says Rebecca Walsh.

“By volunteering my skills to this community, I will not only be helping to make a difference, but the experience of this trip will last a lifetime for me and the children of Africa.”

Dedicated to helping improve lives of people in Transmara, Kenya, the Sirua Aulo Clinic and Academy is a project of Village Volunteers and Namunyak Massai Welfare.

With no local clinics and means of transportation to the nearest towns for treatment, the Sirua Aulo Clinic and Maternity Ward will provide essential medical services to the local community.

The Academy will comprise of primary and secondary school for up to 600 children from the local and wider community and boarding facilities for 500 children for those attending from remote villages. A library will also be constructed for the Academy.