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Hames Sharley are delighted to announce the appointment of Leon Gouws as its new South Australian studio leader. Mr. Gouws is a seasoned architect and has been tasked with applying his 15 years of practice management at an international level to take the Adelaide studio to new heights.

Leon Gouws joined Hames Sharley in May 2018 having migrated to Adelaide from Johannesburg where he held senior leadership roles in large, multidisciplinary consultancies. He has broad depth and breadth of experience across residential, commercial, healthcare and urban projects and will oversee a diverse and growing workforce of practitioners.

“Hames Sharley is well known for its successes in the retail sector, and several others, but my goal is to develop the additional skills and expertise in the business to prepare it for future industry and market directions,” explained Mr. Gouws, who has particularly strong private and public healthcare sector experience.

“South Australia’s economy is undergoing significant transformation and we will continue to see growth in rising sectors like education, tourism, mining, defence and space,” added Mr. Gouws.

“Hames Sharley is an active participant in the lobby to grow South Australia’s population sustainably and this too will create growth opportunities for Hames Sharley.”

Gouws specifically chose Adelaide as his Australian migration destination following a tourist visit and a great deal of personal research.

“Adelaide made an immediate impression on me. It is abuzz with opportunity and has an intriguing mix of modern and heritage architecture, plenty of local competition and an advanced planning system,” explained Mr. Gouws.