In the year of accelerated change, Hames Sharley has forged ahead, continuing its national expansion and ongoing diversification in the built environment.

The interdisciplinary practice, whose extraordinarily diverse expertise enabled them to think differently in 2021 and remain future-focused, has ranked 94th in the World Architecture 100 (WA100) List for 2022, employing a total of 92 architects across the country and predicting a 5% increase for the year ahead.

The WA100 also features several of Hames Sharley’s projects completed in the last two years, including Fishermans Bend in Melbourne, Victoria, NEXTDC P2, in Perth, Western Australia and Marrickville Metro in Sydney, New South Wales.

Woolworths Fishermans Bend

By 2050, Woolworths Fishermans Bend will be home to approximately 80,000 residents and provide employment for up to 80,000 people. This significant urban renewal project has transformed what has previously been a dormant corner of Melbourne into a bustling, inner-city neighbourhood and completely changed the city of Melbourne as we know it.

Woolworths at Fishermans Bend in Melbourne, Victoria


Awarded the Best Commercial Property in the WA for 2021, NEXTDC P2 has been integral to Western Australia’s continued growth and a critical digital interconnectivity hub. The newly built facility consists of over 10,000m² of technical space and ten high density compute data halls and delivers a data centre quality level that champions the world’s highest standards of design, construction and operational excellence.⁠

NEXTDC P2 data centre

Marrickville Metro

Sensitive to the community’s industrial heritage, Marrickville Metro makes authentic use of existing buildings, retaining the original factory walls to project a robust and gritty personality for the restaurant arcade it now houses. The result is a destination that speaks to more than a simple shopping and dining experience, generating community pride and drawing in users.

Marrickville Metro Shopping Centre

Hames Sharley says its continued success is partly due to its unique approach - one practice, many studios.

“Our six studios enable a cross-pollination of skills and wisdom, which provide social, economic, and cultural value. This seamless collaboration allows our expertise to go beyond the realm of architecture, interiors and urban design,” says Managing Director Caillin Howard.

“We are values-based practice with a collaborative spirit and a cultural foundation of investing in our people. Making the WA100 again is a great reflection on our team and our commitment to strengthening communities using research and imagination to connect people, buildings and the environment.”

WA100 is Building Design’s annual survey of the world’s largest practices ranked by the number of fee-earning architects employed.

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