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One child dies every 5 minutes as a result of violence. That’s why throughout the month of October the charity Polished Man challenge all men and women to paint their fingernails blue.

People & Culture Principal, Michael Wright is one of a number of Hames Sharley personnel to step up to the challenge this year, in the hope that their blue fingernails will spark conversations and inspire donations.

Our practice’s vision is to enable communities to flourish. Children are some of the most vulnerable members in any community, so it’s important that we do everything in our power to enable them to flourish safely and without fear” says Michael. “Participating in a campaign like this, particularly promoting it through the platform of a business of our stature, is a great opportunity to raise awareness and increase donations for such a fundamentally important cause. The funds raised allows for trauma recovery and trauma prevention for children around the world and personally I feel this is very important”.

The message of Polished Man is a tremendously powerful one - ‘Because it shouldn’t hurt to be a child’ - and that has prompted Michael and a number of his colleagues to do their bit in helping end violence against children.