Artist's impression for the winning design of the Nightcliff Cafe/Restaurant

Hames Sharley’s design for the Nightcliff Cafe/Restaurant was chosen by the council and announced to the community in the NT News, on Wednesday 11th December 2013.

The Café/Restaurant sits harmoniously with the cliff face, utilizing re-used and durable materials to achieve a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing development that is well shaded and ventilated, thus, reducing the need for air-conditioning. Timber slats above the building will provide additional shade to the alfresco areas, and the alsonite roof will offer protection from the monsoonal weather. The large bi-folding doors along the North-West facing walls can be opened completely during the dry season, offering sufficient ventilation and allowing for easy pedestrian flow between the internal and external spaces.

Our winning design also featured a landscaped green wall and the seamless glazing that will help the building fit effortlessly into the landscape, minimizing visual distortion and providing a place that is unique and aesthetically appropriate for the rugged cliff face. This proposal has the potential to reach a broad public due to the various ways the interior spaces and the external site can be used.

The four sites around the Nightcliff pool were identified as potential locations for the new Cafe/Restaurant. Each location has been analysed based on the positioning to beach and sunset views, vehicle and pedestrian accessibility, impact on neighbouring views and the ability to maximise site usage whilst minimising the environmental impact on the foreshore.

The preferred location for the Cafe/Restaurant has been identified and put to the council for further deliberation. The recommended site will allow the building to have visual access to both the South-West and North-East beaches and the sunset, whilst retaining a minimal impact on neighbouring views and the existing infrastructure. The preservation of the car park and existing grassed areas allows for the opportunity of a site responsive design that sits amongst the cliffs, influencing usage of surrounding grassed areas and creating a unique experience of the foreshore.

The concept of the building design was to optimise views and minimize the impact on the site. The indoor-outdoor seating areas are orientated to benefit most of the coastal views, whilst the landscaped green wall acts as a screen to hide the kitchen and service areas from the street.