Whether or not science can prove beyond doubt that a walk in the forest or a picnic in the bush is good for you, there’s no denying it can have a calming effect. Quite apart from the sensation of being in wide open spaces or getting back to nature, some of that de-stressing sensation is likely to stem from the colours with which these outdoor activities surround us.

Yes, according to colour psychologists, green has the ability to put us at ease, and not just for its natural connotations.

Given that all colours can affect mood, from the warm reds, oranges and yellows to the cooler blues, purples and violets, Green’s position in the spectrum speaks of balance – it’s slap in the middle of the warm and cool colours. As a result, the colour is said to calm and stabilise – the very reason why nervous celebrities tend to be herded into Green Rooms before appearing on TV shows.

So now you know!

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