As a practice of architects and urban designers, Hames Sharley is no stranger to launching drones, either to map sites for projects or to capture them on film once they are completed. However with drone technology constantly advancing, every day brings a new and innovative use for the flying machines.

Each year, approximately 15 billion trees are chopped down to make way for agriculture, logging, mining and the urban development of towns and cities. The rate at which trees are being felled currently makes it difficult to keep up with replenishing them, even with significant efforts to plant new trees in their place. Fortunately, drones are now available to help.

UK-based company BioCarbon Engineering has developed a technique that could potentially plant one billion trees per day by mapping and then firing germinated seeds from six feet above the ground. The full story has been reported in National Geographic this month – you can read it and watch the accompanying film clip here.

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