Luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz has made its promised entry into the home energy storage market in the UK, taking on Tesla and its Powerwall, according to a recent article in Road Show.

The Mercedes-Benz Energy home storage units, which hold up to 2.5kWh of energy, can be combined to create a storage solution of up to 8 batteries, or 20kWh. It will be a direct competitor to Tesla’s recently released Powerwall 2, which has double the capacity of the original unit at around 14kWh.

The scalability of the Mercedes-Benz units means that there may also be uptake by small businesses, and Mercedes-Benz Energy has already released Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage Business in the USA, a direct competitor to Tesla’s Powerpack.

For workplaces, it is hoped that the introduction of Mercedes-Benz Energy might make solar power and storage solutions more affordable, making their installation a more
commercially viable decision.

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