Royal Perth Hospital
Perth, Western Australia

Hames Sharley was commissioned by Royal Perth Hospital to design & deliver a new Command Centre in an existing, vacant space of RPH. It is to to be the base of future 24/7 clinical support services where all remote patient monitoring and assessment of patient data will occur.

In order to improve service delivery, the new office represents a dynamic workspace which promotes collaboration and provides options to work independently to achieve a safe and welcoming environment for it’s employees. The functional requirements of the Command Centre formed the basis of this unique typology where a tailored floor plan would both accommodate the needs of the facility and provide flexibility for future-proofing.

The visual language maintains the architectural identity of the original building while providing subtle cues to nature with the aim of improving health and wellbeing in the workplace. Given the nature of a 24/7 facility, exposure to and orientation of light became a vital aspect of the Command Centre design which would help to both relax employees and foster productivity during all hours of the day. In addition, the natural and subdued finishes palette helped to generate a sense of comfort while creating the right balance between spaces to work, socialise and seek privacy.