Flinders University
Darwin, Northern Territory
Teaching spaces; E-Learning; Academic offices; Student amenities; and a Clinic
AIA NT Award for Best Education Architecture - 2015
AIA NT Commendation for Best Interior Architecture - 2015

The project forms the final part of the Northern Territory’s full medical education program that completes the pathway for students to undergo their entire medical training in the Northern Territory. The building provides a transition between a university and a hospital for medical students and includes a direct physical link to the main hospital via a new bridge for a more hands-on learning experience.

Overcoming Darwin’s relative isolation, students will receive a high-quality education on a par with any in the world. The building incorporates highly sophisticated audiovisual and modern teaching facilities. A thoughtfully designed student common room where students can relax and mingle is at the heart of the new building and supports a strong sense of collegiality.

“The Flinders University NT, NTMP Administration and Teaching Facilities project comprises of a new building of approximately 2000 m2 FECA, undercover areas as appropriate and car parking. The site allocated is to the South of the existing Building 4 at the Royal Darwin Hospital campus adjacent to the John Mathews building. The works will also involve refurbishment of the existing Level 1 of Building 4 for increased teaching space. ICT and audiovisual infrastructure scoped within the approved budget for both new and proposed refurbished building.

The project will deliver teaching spaces and office accommodation to Flinders University NTMP, Clinical Learning and Aboriginal Clinical Learning.”