Fusing the worlds of construction and manufacturing is a process known as constructuring.

You’re probably thinking – “isn’t constructuring the same as prefabrication?” - however, prefabrication is just one element to the constructuring process. As Ian Howell explains, constructuring involves everything from sourcing raw materials to supply chain logistics, industrial design, creating integrated assemblies, pre-fabrication, quality control, inventory management, transportation, building, commissioning and post occupancy analysis.

The interesting thing about discussing constructuring as a whole as opposed to just the prefabrication element is that it allows for us to view all the pieces involved. This way, technologies and data capturing can be leveraged as a means to optimise the process.

Constructuring is a hot topic right now due to its ability to aid the demands of global urbanisation. Alarmingly, Autodesk estimate that we must build a seemingly impossible 1000 buildings a day for the next 33 years in order to accommodate for the world’s projected population growth.

As such, many investors and tech giants are jumping on the bandwagon in supporting this future direction for the built environment.

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