Cedar Woods
Glenside, South Australia
+77 apartments across 6 floors +Courtyard apartments on ground floor +1 Bed, 2 Bed and 3 Bed apartment typologies available +Bronze screening scattered across the facade providing privacy and shading +Sandstone finishes pick up the materiality of heritage buildings on site.
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Glenside is a unique, mixed-use urban development set within tree-lined streetscapes, public spaces and close to shopping, schools, public transport and the Adelaide CBD. Designed to be inclusive and diverse; this walkable development has endless amenities, walking and cycle paths and garden spaces that connect the whole community.

Botanica is the first of several multi-storey apartment buildings to be built along the Fullarton Road frontage as part of the broader Glenside development. Its footprint designed in conjunction with that of Building 2, Grace, with apartments wrapping a Landscaped Square for the enjoyment of residents. This square also provides vehicle access to basement parking. Botanica overlooks a new park and picnic grounds to the south, the Adelaide CBD to the north-west and the Adelaide Hills to the East.

Sandstone finishes differentiate the ground floor courtyard apartments from the stunning white cladding above, while also picking up the materiality of the heritage buildings on site. Bronze fins screens break up the facade and provide some privacy and shading to balconies. The lobby finished with stone, organic tiled walls and leather leads to naturally lit and ventilated corridors on every floor.