North Haven, South Australia
The architectural form of the hotel draws on the module form of shipping containers located at the Outer Harbour port. The sawtooth roof of the restaurant and conference reflects the industrial heritage of nearby Port Adelaide.

The 35 South Marina Hotel will be a welcomed revival of energy for the North Haven community and will capitalise on the increased commercial activity at the nearby Osborne Naval Shipyards. The mixed-use development will provide 128 hotel rooms, conference facilities and a new restaurant overlooking the sailboats of the marina.

The urban intent is to provide a connected and activated public realm on the water’s edge that is walkable, cyclable and boatable. The restaurant can be accessed directly from the boardwalk wrapping around the perimeter of the marina.

The architectural form draws on the local vernacular. The modularity of the hotel reflects the stacked shipping containers of Outer Harbour. An articulating covered link folds between the rigid forms of the hotel to the dynamic sawtooth roof of the adjacent Waterfront building. Port Adelaide’s industrial heritage buildings seek to be emulated through the architectural form and roofline of the Waterfront building providing a familiar yet contemporary response to an area rich in the marina and harbour history.

View of 35 South Marina from the water, North Haven, South Australia