Wingate Properties
Rasmussen, Queensland
Vision, aspiration and urban design principles; context analysis, research and benchmarking; residential master planning; street and movement network; open space network; environment and natural resources sustainability; staging and phasing

Rasmussen Village is a new community for approximately 2,500 people on the Bohle River in Townsville’s Upper Ross. The vision for the Rasmussen project is to create a vibrant and integrated residential community that reinforces and supports the existing community of Rasmussen. By linking to and expanding the existing neighbourhoods and infrastructure, Rasmussen can be evolved utilising sustainable city-making principles to reinforce Upper Ross and Townsville as a more compact city.

Rasmussen is to be a diverse neighbourhood that enables housing choice. Working with the Defence Housing Authority, the vision for Rasmussen is to enable families, singles, retirees, Defence personnel, and other groups to live comfortably together, in a variety of housing.

More than the provision of housing, the project creates a high-quality public domain that establishes an identifiable character for the community. The concept master plan redefines the Bohle River from a floodplain to a regional open space destination that can provide a focus for the community and link the area to greater Townsville. In this way, the natural setting of the place provides an identity for Rasmussen as a community between two rivers.

Hames Sharley Urban Development: Rasmussen, Queensland