Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale
Serpentine Jarrahdale, Western Australia
Community vision to guide the Shire Strategic Community Plan and Local Planning Strategy. Collaboration with the Shire and local community. Engagement strategy that targeted multiple and diverse stakeholder groups. Administered and facilitated multiple methods of engagement across various platforms.
Hard Won Victory Award, Planning Institute of Australia (WA) - 2017
Shannon O’Shea
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The Serpentine Jarrahdale community and the Shire have experienced a number of challenges in recent years, including possible amalgamation, significant growth (being the fastest per capita growth local government in Australia for the past three years) and increasing pressure on ageing infrastructure. SJ 2050 aims to set out a framework for the Shire and commit to accommodating the expected 100,000 people planned for in Perth and Peel @ 3.5 million.

Hames Sharley was engaged by the Shire to develop a shared vision and engagement strategy that would enable a clear process to identify the communities core values that would remain central to the vision. Development of a Community Reference Group was a critical component of this process to identify information gaps, issues and opportunities aligning with a shared vision, aspirations and outcomes. This process took the community on a journey, seeking their views, values and aspirations through hands-on workshops and the 2050 Vision survey, while also working collaboratively with elected members to ensure a shared ownership of decisions at key milestones. Through this process, nine important outcomes were articulated to improve the quality of life and create a long-term, shared vision in alignment with people, place and prosperity.

The Spatial Framework illustrating the 2050 vision embodies the values and outcomes expressed by the Serpentine Jarrahdale residents by helping to keep existing centres strong; maintaining the shire’s low cost of living; embracing new technology and innovations to expand its economic base; providing high mobility and new transportation options, such as a rapid bus and greenways, and access to nature and recreational opportunities. The 2050 vision on strikes a balance between concentrated growth and distributed growth, locating mixed-use development in the urban core and smaller centres. The Framework incorporates the uniqueness of the shire’s rural and natural environments to create strategies for preserving and enhancing these natural assets.

The 2050 vision and supporting spatial framework has provided an over-arching guide the shire planning under the Local Government Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework and will support the Shire’s other strategic documents including the Strategic Community Plan, Corporate Business Plan, Long Term Financial Plan, Local Planning Strategy, the annual budgeting process and planning for community facilities.