Hames Sharley has been working closely with WA’s Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire and the local community to deliver a future vision to be implemented by 2050. A Spatial Framework was developed in response to Serpentine Jarrahdale’s expected population growth and embodies the values and outcomes expressed by the Serpentine Jarrahdale residents.

What is the SJ 2050 Spatial Framework and how will it be used?

The 2050 Spatial Framework is an illustration of the Shire’s future, as shaped by the SJ 2050 participants and stakeholders. The Spatial Framework depicts how various elements - such as well-planned residential development, reinvesting in existing centres and neighbourhoods, and a revitalised urban core and main street environments - will function.

This is a conceptual framework, with no policy or regulatory function. Instead, it provides ideas, direction and focus for crafting land use and transport strategies and choosing strategic public investments that support the vision’s outcomes. It is the starting point for a region-wide discussion about the projects, investments and implementation steps that will allow the Shire to achieve SJ 2050.

How was the SJ 2050 Spatial Framework Developed?

Development of the SJ 2050 Spatial Framework relied on the guiding values and aspirations, and extensive public input gathered during the SJ 2050 visioning process, hands-on workshops and the 2050 Vision survey.

The Spatial Framework embodies the values and outcomes expressed by the Serpentine Jarrahdale residents by helping to keep existing centres strong; maintaining the shire’s low cost of living; embracing new technology and innovations to expand its economic base; providing high mobility and new transportation options, such as a rapid bus and greenways, and access to nature and recreational opportunities.

SJ 2050 strikes a balance between concentrated growth and distributed growth, locating mixed-use development in the urban core and smaller centres. The Framework incorporates the uniqueness of our rural and natural environments to create strategies for preserving and enhancing these natural assets. Finally, the Framework was refined by using feedback from the local community and Shire staff to ensure strong direction for the future prosperity of the shire.

The Spatial Framework

During the community engagement process, the community identified 12 core values that will remain central to delivering the vision. These are:

  • Maintaining a relaxed ‘country lifestyle’ and welcoming values
  • Retaining and integrating the natural environment
  • Maintaining a strong sense of community and ‘neighbourliness’
  • Supporting local agriculture
  • Maintaining affordable and a choice of housing
  • Restoring and celebrating the local heritage and history
  • Retaining a high quality of life
  • Expanding and enhancing transportation choices connecting with both Perth and Peel
  • Planning for sustainable and economically resilient future
  • Promoting the areas unique sense of place and identity
  • Maintaining excellent educational opportunities
  • Fostering innovation through research and technology
A map of the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale, WA

SJ 2050 vision encompasses the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale’s 13 localities and townships inclusive of Byford, Cardup, Darling Downs, Hopeland, Mundijong, Serpentine, Jarrahdale, Karrakup, Mardella, Oakford, Oldbury, Whitby and Keysbrook.

Coming together as a community to plan the future shape of their shire, this process has broadened their perspective to see how - as government, businesses and individuals - being part of a much wider, interconnected system, time has shown us that changing our own actions can lead to great impacts.

The SJ 2050 vision enhances and protects the unique places within the shire, it supports the people who live there and preserves the resources that will help drive the economy and allow it to prosper into the future.

This strategic vision won the Hard-Won Victory Award for WA for 2018 as awarded by the Australian Planning Institute. Currently, it is in the running for the national award of the same name.

Overall, this strategy outlines the vision to create opportunities within the Shire but also ensures these opportunities are in keeping with the intrinsic character of the region. The goal is to allow the community to be self-sustainable in allowing residents to work, study, play and live, without having to travel outside the region. As well as catering for the wellbeing of the current residents, this strategy also aims to attract new visitors and boost tourism.

More information on the strategy can be viewed via the SJ2050 Strategic Vision Document.

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