Blackburne Property Group
Subiaco, Western Australia
10,605m² commercial office building.

The four-storey mixed-use commercial building responds to the dual road frontages with respect to the land use and built form opportunities of the site. The design approach creates a transparent and active face for office levels 1-3 while also developing a strong street-level connection to Bagot Road with the inclusion of a café balcony and the open entry to the building.

The frontage on Railway Road is predominately a glazed curtain wall floating above a precast concrete base separated by the recessed horizontal plane of the ground level tenancies. This wall provides clear vision to, and within the office spaces and maximises natural light penetration. Horizontal devices provide additional detail and shading to the façade.

The Bagot Road elevation appears more solid, however, maintains the concept of transparency through the glazing. The façade is articulated via a staggering of solid to transparent panels with vertical blades creating additional depth and ‘movement’. The solid materials of the precast have an earthy robust quality that anchors the building and resolves the level change by reinterpreting the natural topography of the immediate sloping site. The public interface is enhanced with an alfresco area opening directly onto the footpath. This provides a sheltered, accessible and appropriately scaled environment. The prominent corner of Railway and Bagot Road is further enhanced with an elegant display of the glass façade that runs across these two roads. This creates a sculptural juxtaposition of material and form.

Energy loading is mitigated with the use of sun shading to the north-western façade and the use of energy efficient ‘Low E’ glass. The detailed design incorporates benchmark ESD mechanical, electrical and water supply/treatment systems, while the carpark is both naturally and mechanically ventilated with CO2 monitoring.